Is it normal to want my friends back?

A close friend of mine betrayed and backstabbed me real bad over the summer. I had been suspicious of her for a little bit but she denied anything when i accused her once. This drove me to hating myself for thinking my friend was betraying me and she knew how bad i felt for thinking badly of her. Few weeks later (while i am halfway across the world) she texts me admitting to everything. I felt sick and cant even describe that day. I have cut her out of my life and know it was the right choice (she has screwed over other people after me). She told our friends that I was being overdramatic. Two of my very close friends knew what she was doing and did not tell me. This angered me but I tried to push it aside knowing that they must have been in a hard spot. But now, months later, I’m still angry and frustrated. I have become alienated from the group because I can’t stand being near her anymore than I have to. Some claim that I need to just get over it so everything can go back to normal but it will never be the same, I trusted that girl with some of my deepest secrets and I should have seen it coming. My friends all admit she was badly in the wrong yet continue to be friends with her. I feel like I’ve lost all of them. It feels like them choosing to be “neutral” is really them choosing her. I just want them to be there for me. Ive got like 7 months til we all go off to college but these last few months have been terrible without really having my friends is it normal to want to get my friends back from her? Should I be dropping them too? Most days I just want to scream at her and tell her how much pain she has caused me. She is a twofaced snake who has hurt more people after me, but they stay friends with her out of fear of becoming like me.

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  • Cut them out from ur life. People rarely change, they will betray you once again if you give them another chance.
    Get new friends. Ive been in the same spot as you have.

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  • a good piece if advice is give it a few years (atleast 2) before you rekindle that friendship, because you and your friend will have both grown mentally, physically and as a person to a point where that toxic betrayal behaviour probably wont be around anymore. honestly giving it time is the best thing, and that would mean no contact whatsoever, as i also experienced the same thing and after a few years it alot better

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  • Bitches be triflin.

    It's not just a catchphrase. I've dealt with a somewhat similar situation, and cliques of girls can be brutal! It's not easy to stand up for yourself, and what you believe in, chica.

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  • it is completely normal to miss people who have hurt you. however, whether or not you should continue to be their friend is a whole other story. judging by what you're saying, the severity of this is pretty bad, and you shouldn't set yourself up to get hurt again. you could remain friends with her if you choose to, but remember to be cautious and maybe don't let her become as close to you as she once was.

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  • If friends cannot protect their friend. Then they are not your friend.

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  • Git over it.

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    • Yeah these things will pass. People will be people. Friends come and go. Some days you get rotten apples in your basket...throw them out and wait for the next harvest

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