Is it normal to turn down wedding invitation then turn up?

It's literally my boss' wedding and I didn't RSVP. But now I'm thinking it would be more awkward if I didn't go.

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  • It was actually just the party but too late now, wasn't expecting to see him but he came into work to collect something and went out again. I didn't want to go because I was the only one without a plus one so I would've been standing out of place anyway.

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  • Tell him you forgot to RSVP. I'm sure he'd understand.
    I think if you decided not to go at all, when he expected you to come (I assume you have at least a semi-close relationship with him), he might think twice if you ask for a pay rise, or if you need help in future.

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    • He asked me a week ago and my co-worker butted in and said she was going, and I didn't really answer. I'm not seeing him today, and it's tomorrow. Should I just turn up or would that be even ruder?
      I did actually answer yes to him a month ago but he obviously forgot.

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