Is it normal to treat life like a story?

So i've figured out that i'm a narrative person, meaning i narrate in my head what i do instead of feel it-- sometimes 1st person, sometimes 3rd. that's the problem. i'll start narrating in 3rd person subconsciously and realize it, then scold myself because it's weird as fuck and really annoying once i realize i'm doing it. i'll often do things to make the story more dramatic such as thinking certain thoughts, making myself have realizations, perhaps looking for signs of symbolism in life around me, doing certain actions, etc, etc... i hate it. i hate it. does anyone else do this? is this normal? can i make this stop? please help.

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  • Bpd.

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  • Your life is a story it has its past and present.

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  • I like to think of my life as a story. I mean it's like one of the few things that are uniquely mine. No one else is going to see or hear my story. Like those moments where some mother fucker tries to pull some janky shit and I can reason my fear into bravery and tell them to fuck off or something, I get the same feeling like when Nick Burkhardt decapitates a particularly trying wessen or when I listen to certain OSTs from anime. For me it kinda helps making executive decisions. How long do I let this guy try to hustle me, should I restrain my frustration with this customer, do I do what my boss says or try to talk my way out of it? I can usually apply some form of media or school of thought to any person or situation. My most profound story making thoughts are when my brain secretes adrenaline, my eyes dilate, and my heart rate picks up. This is when I psychoanalyze the other person and totally put all my morals and ethics against whatever this other person is trying to do, and usually I make moves I'm proud of that are also uncharacteristically bold of me. These moments help reinforce things that I've integrated mentally, like having honor and integrity.

    I also do lighter story telling like what you wrote about, that's just a cure for monotony though

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  • Why do you hate it? I imagine myself as a character in a story a lot and when I tell stories about my life people praise my narrative and characterisation.

    I’ve never seen viewing this way as a bad thing, I actually can’t fathom not doing it.

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