Is it normal to think roblox is lame?

I personally think the game is super duper lame, ever since shifting over to games like EVE Online, Half-Life and DOOM and whatnot, overtime I just think ROBLOX is lame. It's nothing more than a boring game with stupid kids who spent hours and hours spending their parents money on in-game stuff which in my opinion it's what makes it also lame.

People who like that game probably lack good taste in games.

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  • Yes. I used to be obsessed with Roblox but I eventually quit for two years and still haven't been back on that website to this day. I just got so bored and sick of everything that I quit playing it.

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  • It's okay if you don't like the game but don't fucking bash other people for liking it.

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  • I love Roblox. And I don't use money (robux). I just play the free things. It's an amazing game. My favourites (or ones I simply like but I don't play most often) are work at a pizza place, space sailors, zombie attack, adopt me, meep city, fashion famous, hide and seek extreme, floor is lava, would you rather, epic mini games, gravity assist, royal high, robloxian high school, pick a side, obbies, prison life, hole in the wall, hotel elephant, etc can't think of any more. Btw I haven't played for a long time (3 years or so)

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  • me and my friend played that game and it's funny. But he hasn't been online for ages

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  • It's just Minecraft/Terraria but free. Most kids have decent smart phones or a school supplied computer that can run the game. Free game = kids like it.

    It's why Roblox, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Warzone (amongst other titles) have done so well.

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