Is it normal to think of my ex while jerking it

literally crying while cumming

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    Whatever does it for ya. It seems like the situation with her (him?) is something you're still working on processing and it's perfectly okay to have all the feelings you want about it. And, no, it's definitely not abnormal to feel that attraction towards a former partner. Whatever helps you. Don't get bogged down in it. It will all be okay.

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  • Do you need a tissue?

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  • Not sure about the crying, but, thinking of an ex, fairly normal. I dated unquestionably the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen or been with, guys were just drawn to her high cheekbones, light green eyes, pretty face, flirty attitude, and bangs-style hair that framed her face so well. Just a gorgeous woman, and I was happy to have her when I did.

    I've had times when not dating anyone that I've resorted to self-pleasure, and had her in mind exclusively. Physically, she was and is a god-given beauty. It's the other stuff about her that did is us in. Trust, lies, etc. But physically, most beautiful and hottest woman I've still ever seen. Made for easy pleasure.

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  • I don't think of an ex gf but do think of her mother. The mother used to think that if she drained me of sperm I wouldn't fuck her daughter. Even for years after me and the girl had split she would come round for sex, her's was the first bottom I fucked!

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  • ah, i see you're a man of culture as well

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  • Just watch porn instead

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