Is it normal to think my girlfriend was imaginary and never existed?

So, I noticed my phone's memory was 100% full, and I needed to move some files to free some space.

I found terabytes of videos and photos of me and my once alleged girlfriend, of how much we've been through and how much things we've done together...

Now a lot of time has passed since then, and I still meet her sometimes, but just as friends, and when I see her now, there is a feeling that none of the things in the past really happened...

It feels like I've imagined it all... The videos which are practically/supposedly proofs that it all did indeed exist don't convince me because when I see her now, she seems like a different person, not the one I've been with.

I sometimes ask her if all the things in the past really happened and she says yes, but I remain in doubt.

Is it normal to think a person I've been with so much in the past was never a part of reality?

Something in me makes me think I'll never get to experience anything like this in my life anymore, she was my first and last...

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  • i voted normal. although it's normal to have feelings like this, you may want to see a therapist or get help in some other way. unless you were using hyperbole which it seems like you weren't, feelings that other people aren't real or that your past experiences didn't really happen could be a symptom of some sort of mental illness. which is totally normal, but still something you might wanna get help with

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  • My interpretation of the context here is its schizophrenia.

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  • It happens. People that meant everything to you at one point slowly fade away. You move on. They move on. I barely remember girls from twenty years ago honestly. It was real but time fogs everything.

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  • You have a strong lack of sentimentality perhaps.

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  • Sometimes I feel my ex/former best friend didn't really exist. But I think it gets that way easily when you're really close with someone and you always hang out alone, like we did. With time the memory fades and it gets really weird, like they were never there to begin with.

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    • I get that, I deleted most of my pictures of my ex and stopped talking to them and it feels like our relationship never happened. Sometimes my friends will bring it up and it feels like they’re just making stuff up.

      Distant past relationships often have an unreal air to them looking back. I don’t think you or OP are weird at all.

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