Is it normal to think muller is on a witchunt against trump paid by killary?

I think the Russian collusion story is a witch hunt. I think it is wrong they raided his lawyers office isn't that against the law? I wonder how stormy daniels can sleep at night for ruining a swell guy like trump? What do you guys think?

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  • a swell guy like trump....100% spam lol

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  • Trumps acts guilty as fuck.The fbi just don't get search warrants for no reason. Why is 45 paying hush money to porn stars and having his lawyer threaten her?

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  • i think the whole thing has been dreamed up by Trump as a covert operation. the money and expertise is really looking at the clinton foundation. Too many pictures of Bill and Donny swapping wives exist. they were best fucking buddies and donny boy was hired to throw the election to the clintons but he did a double cross and won. As for the russians Putin and the Clintons are like uranium buddies, he shows up and putin hand him 400k for speaking? no for sucking.

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