Is it normal to think everyone else/the world is a burden?

I was recently reading some common thoughts and feelings depressed people have.

One is “I am a burden”, a thought they have on the path to suicidal tendencies.

But I don’t relate to this, and I believe I am depressed.

If anything, I feel the opposite. There’s times when I feel like I have no life, I don’t exist or matter, so how could I possibly be a burden?

It never feels like others have to put up with me - I feel like I have to put up with everyone else.

Everyone else, the world and it’s problems/my problems, seem like the burden to me.
The weight I carry. Realizing how people are, the fact they are who they are, good and bad, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Especially the latter.

Life feels like a burden to me. But I don’t relate to I feeling like a burden to others.

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  • This is the pinnacle of victim mentality. You won't solve anything with that attitude, and I'm sure you know that. Hope you're getting some help.

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  • That sounds like someone that thinks they are the only person on the plabet that matters. Like an arrogant egotistical jackass.

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  • existence is sufferin

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  • You sound like fing trump

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  • Sounds like you are suffering from serious depression. I want to remind you that we aren't all the same. I have been suicidal during times of depression in my life, and never have I worried about how my death would affect others. I was more worried about the loss of my soul, than concerned with the way my death might affect others. The important thing is that I got help, and although many of us suffer from depression we don't all think, or feel the same.

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