Is it normal to think black people should thank white people for slavery

black people are only here in america because of slavery. so all the black people here should be thankful for being here instead of in africa where they would be dying by hunger, disease, or civil war. they can moan about living in america all they want but even the poorest black person in america has it a hell of a lot better than the average african person. so they should go every day thinking about that. other races came here by their own skills, such as mexicans who just crossed a border to do manual work, and asians who came here by being smart. but black people would not have been able to enjoy all the promises that america has to offer if they were left to their own devices. every black person in america needs to thank white people that they are blessed to be here instead of with their brothers in africa.

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  • I was going to type you an essay but you know what, you're a fucking idiot.

    Go get educated you ignorant fool.

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  • Let me guess, you voted for Trump didn't you?

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  • To the comments above me: He/she is not totally wrong. We may not like it, but OP has somewhat of a point. Many black people today do have better living conditions than what they would have had if their families stayed in Africa. BUT....

    That being said... what you wrote is still incredibly racist because you're assuming that black people would have had no way over here if they weren't taken against their will.

    You're also assuming that all black people would want to have better living conditions rather than free will.

    No one should be proud of slavery because it is so anti American. The whole point of America is that people have the freedom to live their lives the way they want to live them so long as they don't cause harm, and this country at one point, did not offer that to black people and that was wrong.

    However, I don't think that white people today should have guilt. Most white people today have not contributed to treating blacks badly and have no responsibility for slavery.

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  • They also were bred together with the other most strongest slaves to make very good athletes. This gets a lot of black people out of the ghetto and into college.

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  • Okay...

    1) I was never a slave so you get no thanks from me.
    2) You seem to be very sure of yourself despite knowing all that slaves went through.
    3) In my opinion your ideas are not normal at all, and you need to talk to someone outside of the South.

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  • The ignorance of this post that I am replying too beggars belief. The forced slavery of other human beings dragged to a land where they were enslaved, is and was an abomination.

    The poster will also do well to realize that whites STOLE the land that they live on now, from the Native Americans, who were not best pleased that whites murdered, pillaged, raped and took that which was not theirs. So I do believe that it is WHITES who should be bloody thankful that they are actually living on someone else's land!

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  • Well if it weren't for slavery they probably would of found another way to get here if they wanted. Besides the horrors that took place cannot be made up. We just have to learn from our ancestors mistakes (assuming your white). Besides black people don't have as much privelege as white people in society. Sometimes it goes unnoticed by white observers when they are targeted... sometimes violent hate crimes are committed. Can't ignore that

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  • It's obviously normal, it's just a normal opinion based on reason, and a true fact that almost all black people currently in America, except for those who were born in Africa and traveled here within the last 50 years who have an African accent in most cases, are better off then they would otherwise be. The "should be thankful" part I disagree with, since just like slavery itself, no one alive today had any part in that decision, and there is no one to "thank". But it is a valid opinion based on actual reality so of course it is normal to have such an opinion.

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  • Ignorant, blindly stupid white supremacist patriotism, combined with a grammatical aptitude comparable to a modern country music single.

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  • Wtf is wrong with you? :/ You, my friend, have some serious racism issues.... :/

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  • Some of these comments terrify me ..

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  • America is a very dangerous and corrupt country. And your opinion is very dangerous and destructive. Black people were never treated well and still are not. They have nothing to thank anyone for. America...

    Stolen from natives
    Built by Africans
    Powered by Arabian oil
    Made in china

    White America has a lot of people to thank.

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  • Don`t forget that they were taught a lot of skills during the process as well!

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