Is it normal to think about death

I like to think and theorize the most gruesome ways to kill someone. I tell myself it’s just for writing ideas but it spawns from whenever I see like a terrorist or pedophile.

Such as if I were to feed the guy meat with tiny ball bearings in it and then run the guy through an MRI machine to forcibly rip the guy to peices from the inside out.

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  • Well aren't you a peach.

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  • I consistently do. Whether it's my own, someone else's, or just a very intriguing way to die.

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    • Ever watched a 1000 ways to die? That was a good show.

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  • My expert opinion on this.

    Yes, it’s the easiest low grade level of thinking. It takes no skill and only slight measures of problem solving.

    But solving how someone killed someone else, that takes brain power. Because you only have pieces to go on and the rest is immense amounts of problem solving, extracting incomplete data and etc.

    Avoiding being killed also takes some skill. and what to do if you see someone get killed would also take some brain power

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