Is it normal to think a person has failed life if..

All that is needed for them to flip out is something as simple as a different opinion?

I see this shit all the time nowadays. People either breaking out into tears, yelling, screaming, or just silently dropping people from their lives just because of a different opinion.

Staying on their side of the fence is what causes this nonsense. They surround themselves with the same yes men for so long that they just don't know how to handle someone different and they just melt down.

If you can't deal with things life throws at you, you've failed at life.

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  • then get off the internet dumb cunt

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  • Most people weren't born tough, and I don't believe sensitive people were born sensitive. These aren't immutable traits we're talking about.

    This is a social thing having to do with your response when someone disagrees with you, or says something you disagree with. It's a completely different thing than cutting ties with a close relative. I assume you're not breaking out into hysterics when someone walks up to you and says "so, the NRA's pretty cool, right?"

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    • You are born as strong (mentally) as you need to be (negating any impairments)

      If fighting it out works (not dead) you are a fighter. If being submissive worked out (not dead) you are submissive.

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  • I dislike people that do that. Because they are BORING! A bit of common ground an opportunity to change opinions and agree with them on something.

    You will disagree with someones opinion, but that's not due course to throw put their existence. Because theres always a chance you can change their mind or they will change yours.

    Open discourse is how to best understand the other persons internal logic and I find that fascinating.

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  • It's normal, you're at a party one time then your female friend disses you for thinking in very different ways, I'm thinking, "who decided different was troublesome?". It's not like I'm going to go there. I failed at life big time, as usual, nothing I do really is that popular.

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  • Yeah, probably. Thankfully, I don't know anyone like that.

    Before anyone says "it's you", I'm usually the guy getting silently dropped from other people's lives, thank you very much. >_>

    They were more prevalent back in high school. "DON'T CORRECT ME."

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  • Usually these people havent thought out their position enough to even be able to defend it. When you poke at any of their so called logic they break down because they cant respond any other way and they know it. Thats why they have to turn it into a moral argument about what a terrible person anyone who holds the other opinion is.

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