Is it normal to tap your book with your pencil eraser when you read?

A girl I knew since I was 12 taps her book with her pencil eraser when she reads. She's 18 years old now, like me. What would be the cause of her doing this? ADHD? Autism? Just weird? She also walks in circles and paces back and forth and talks to herself and not talk to anyone else.

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  • It's probably just a nervous habit.

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  • Yes pacing and tapping things can be ways to cope with stress and overload if you are neurodivergent. She could buy some stim toys to fidget with.

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  • I used to have that as a habit when I was young. Now I use my fingers to read, but sometimes I highlight the words I don't know and look up their meanings.

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  • Not even weird. Sounds like you need to mind your own business.

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