Is it normal to take 3 tests in one day?

Today I was doing some developmental psychology homework which is really just some quizzes. But the thing is that I took 3 quizzes in one day today. Im not sure if this usually happens but im wondering because im studying online. Since I study online im able to work ahead which is exactly what I did by taking 3 quizzes in one day. Before I took the quizzes I had to read 3 chapters and every chapter takes like 2 hours to read. I wasn't thrilled but I did this to get ahead and not worry about this shit later. Actually im going to an amusement park on Friday so im taking care of all my work so I have nothing to think about that day. Just curious if this usually happens when you study at home and not in person.

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  • Sounds good to me. I used to always do my assignments and if I had lots of time I would read ahead the next section. It made it way easier to do and made you look like a smart ass when the teacher was going over the material and asking questions and you knew the answer because you had skipped ahead. ;)

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  • Not sure if it's normal, but it's that way for me.

    I either do all the work ahead of time or procrastinate until the very last moment, depending on my overall mood. Freedom is great!

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