Is it normal to stop yourself from peeing and pooping at the same time

I used to be able to poop and pee at the same time. Now I can’t fathom the thought of peeing in the toilet and then pooping...having the pee splash on my bottom. Now I have to pee then flush the toilet really fast so that I can poop in clean water.

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  • Jeepers. How large of a bomb do you drop that the water splashes up and hits your bum? Perhaps you should change your diet to get more fiber and then you won't be unloading with a GBU 43 MOAB.

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  • Whatever works for you. I just line the inside of the toilet with toilet paper. It absorbs the piss and I get no splash back. This only works for good toilets though. I've tried it on others and have clogged them with this method.

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  • Modern problems require modern solutions.

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