Is it normal to start hurting at the start of work but feel ok after?

What causes this? I already know it is normal but wonder what the science is behind it.

So you get to work, or even before, and everything starts hurting. You feel like you have to take a nasty dump, your head starts hurting, stomach grumbling, feet aching, and just whatever other ailments get amplified. Not to mention the negative thoughts start up.

But then as soon as the end of the day arrives and time to go home, everything feels OK again. You no longer hurt, no longer feel like going on a murderous rampage, it is almost like a drug. Like a veil of misery lifted.

What gives?

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  • I do not know what morning even is.

    Just weird how stuff starts hurting. Of course my smart-ass doctor would probably say bit is because I don't follow a diabetic diet.

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  • Today my left foot was hurting do bad I was limping all day, at my second job now and I only feel a very light pulse of pain. It's weird

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  • Do you have anxiety, or a lot of stress at work?

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  • Maybe you're just not a morning person?

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