Is it normal to soothe yourself by pretending to be someone else?

I have this whole second life in my mind, based upon what I know about someone else's. I started recreating known experiences of this person, and added some made up (but oft-repeated) scenarios. I go through them when I'm trying to sleep, or I'm bored, or to calm myself when I'm anxious. Sometimes it's every day, sometimes, I'll go months without it. It's not sexual, and it only happens in my mind. The person in question is a long dead celebrity.

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  • As long as it's not getting in the way of paying bills, buying food, keeping a roof over your head, working, education, and other things one might need for survival, then carry on.

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  • I think you are in the right place. I think at least half the people on IIN have alternate lives that they are living.

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  • Same here, for me it's like an invisible friend. My "long dead celebrity imaginary friend" who comforts me is Jackson five era Michael Jackson. He's a ghost, but I imagine him there as if he's just himself when he was alive in the Jackson five era.

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