Is it normal to screem when you're alone at home?

When i come home for school i always go upstairs screeming. I'm living alone. Its like i'm trying to scare of someone or saying "i'm home", but screeming deeply from my lungs. I don't like it if there's no sound at home so i sometimes make my own but i think just a loud screem isn't normal anymore. I don't do it because i'm frustrated but because i'm bored.

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  • You could put on some music and sing instead.

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  • I'm glad I'm not your neighbour, it's a wonder the police haven't been called! Surely there are other ways to deal with boredom and silence when you come home?

    If not, keep screeeeeeeeeeeeaming

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    • In fact, i only have one neighbour but their house is so far away so they can't hear me in the living room :D

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  • I may do this... >.>

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  • I did this when I was 12 to release some steam.

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