Is it normal to rub out my personal information with water on old letters?

Because I don't have a shredder, I resort to rubbing out my name, my address and other sensitive information with water.

Then after that I throw the old letters away after I have rubbed out my personal information.

Is it a normal thing to do it?

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  • i gots the hungry ole woodstove

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  • Generally - yes, but why not just cut out the parts with scissors or just tear away things by hand ? I imagine it taking a lot more effort and time to wash things away with water, no ?

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  • Paper is not garbage.

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  • If it makes you feel better, there's certainly nothing wrong with it. However, I think the chances of someone digging through your trash and tracking you down via personal information (I'm assuming your address?) left on a letter are pretty low, assuming you don't have any stalkers who would have access to your trash.

    I've thrown a lot of junk mail out without ever really giving it a second thought and nothing has happened (knock on wood).

    If it's something with your SSN or bank account details, then you can never be too careful.

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  • I've not had a letter in ten years, do they still exist?

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  • Burn them?

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  • My dad used to tear dat shit up and he taught it to me and I shall then teach it to my own lil nigga if I am so blessed. It's tradition, mothafucka

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    • The thing is have_a_good_day we all have different methods.

      I just choose to do it differently.

      And by tradition I am guessing you mean by the old fashion way of getting rid of it.

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  • My dad would just tear that shit up.

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  • I just throw my shit away ifgaf

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