Is it normal to rub fabric between my fingers?

I have had this obsession of rubbing fabric between my fingers since birth! My mom told me even as a newborn I would rub the silk at the end of my baby blanket. I am 58 and still do this. My favorite is flannel type material. Even in the summer I have flannel sheets and if not that pretty much anything will do. I love the grinding feeling. I’ve always felt that I must be the only strange person to have this obsession and yesterday I typed it into a search and it brought me here!!
I can’t believe I found so many others that do the same! I had a pillow cover for a small couch pillow about 25 years ago at my parents house and the back was flannel. I took it off and that became my “crinkle rag”. I would even take it with me when we traveled and slept with it every night. The lace edges were so tattered and falling apart it was funny. One time about three years ago I forgot it at my parents house and when my nephew spent a few days there he threw it out!! To this day I’m still upset!! I will always have this strange obsession I believe. I’ve tried stopping and can’t. Do they have a 12 step program for this addiction?? 😂

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