Is it normal to randomly gag?

I sometimes gag or get the urge to gag randomly, but my urge increases significantly when the following is happening:
- changing clothes (especially clothes related to the neck)
- eating (especially when I don't want to eat or don't like the food, but it's less of a physical aversion and more of a "meh" mental aversion)
- thinking about things that make me nervous

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  • You should train yourself by doing deep throat, this way you will find out how not to gag in any situation

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  • Dont eat when you dont want to, it is especially a sign you shouldn't have it if you start gagging from it (either at that time, or that food, if the food disgusts you). Your body is telling you not to eat, you wouldn't gag if you were just neutral about it. I think it makes sense to gag in the scenarios you mentioned, although I have never gagged from being nervous.

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