Is it normal to put on enough weight to need new clothes pretty much every year?

I know humans fluctuate in weight a lot, but I've noticed that I've been putting on weight year on year.

Since teenhood, I've done various Weight Watchers-Slimming World-Rosemary Conley things, went cold turkey vegetarian for a few weeks, tried various levels and type of "balanced" "diets", don't yet drive, walk wherever I can and have a job which has some very active moments as well as some very sedentary ones.

I'm not a healthy size or shape for my height and haven't been for many years. I know it's as easy as "Eat less move more", but I also think I'm going to potentially need something drastic to help me get there. Something like a gastric band.

At the moment, I'm wrangling whether to try starting again this time with a personal trainer or a gym and thinking about warped my image of myself is

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  • Look into intermittent fasting. You need to start eating like once of twice a day and take vitamins. Its the only way because if fat people "just eat littler portions" they never succeed.

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