Is it normal to put flowers on a stranger's grave

So I bought a used car that had some old decals from the previous owner, one of which was "In Loving Memory: ---". I researched the person in question, found their headstone, and placed flowers on it. Is that normal?

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  • I'm sure not too many people can relate to this particular situation, but yes I would assume that other kind hearted people would do the same.

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  • Every Memorial Day I buy a bunch of flowers and walk through the graveyard. I put those flowers on graves that don't have any flowers. I started doing this about ten years ago when I visited my grandfathers grave and noticed several graves that appeared to have no visitors. It's quite gratifying and nobody knows I do it.

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  • That's pretty sweet tbh

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  • I would say what you did was uncommonly kind.

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  • That's very kind of you. I believe that is normal. That person who passed probably was a kind person as well. How thoughtful of you I do such thing especially for strangers. (I would've done the same) :) best of fortune

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  • It's not normal, because I don't think many people would do it in the same situation, but I find it honourable and touching.

    You are abnormally kind :p

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  • can you put some on my friends Nyx-roses grave?

    shes about to be dead. dont let her see this! :o

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