Is it normal to prefer to view things in black and white / grayscale?

I greatly prefer to view media in black and white over color when possible. I use the grayscale function on the 'accessibility options' on my phone and computer while also always having the 'color / saturation' tab on my TV's settings turned all the way to 0.

Movies, shows, youtube videos, video games, whatever; I view / play them in B&W even though I know some things get lost in the transition away from color. I really like the look that a cool sheet of gray provides and it tends to make things either really calming for me or allows me to pay more attention to things like framing and shot composition.

My friends think that this is really pretentious and don't understand why I would do this no matter how I try to explain it to them. When watching things at their place, I of course DO NOT make them switch off the color, because that would be really rude. They will sometimes joke though, saying things like "See how much better this looks?" or "Must be a breath of fresh air seeing things that aren't gray, huh?"

I don't know, man. I like what I like. Is it really that weird?

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  • You can make your life any a e s t h e t i c you want.

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  • Is it that colors bothers you? Or is it the easier contrast that makes it easier to tell the difference between colors. Also an intesting tid bit you might be slightly color blind and the grey scale helps your brain see the image more clearly.

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  • Probably helps your eyes.

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  • I'd say it's uncommon, but a totally normal variant in preference to have. I actually totally get what you mean about framing and shot composition, I actually do a lot of my photography in black &white for the same reason. I suppose it seems a bit extreme that you seem to ONLY like it that way (?). Personally for me, it seems as if both would have a lot to offer that perhaps the other can't. -- The kicker for me is, It's one thing to love black and white, and also think color has purpose and is still a great "pallet" to work with for others, and it's another thing to love black and white and to hate color and make bad remarks upon it around others or make other feel inferior with their color viewing habits.

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