Is it normal to prefer a woman's natural smell?

I prefer a woman's natural smell, as opposed to any perfume or scented whatsits that some of them use. The scented stuff just smells like whatever they're using, it all seems foreign to me and grosses me out because I can tell it's unnatural after a certain point. I like it when a woman stinks, because I can tell then that she's natural. There's really nothing like getting down between a woman's knees and getting a noseful of her reeking femininity.

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte, is that you?

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  • As long as they dont stink too bad

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  • Where did your parents go wrong?

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    • I need a stinky bitch. A bitch that reeks of a ribald femininity that most men, reared on high-society tarts with access to a plethora of products could never handle. The kind of men who are hurt to learnt that Celia does indeed shit are no credit to my kind.

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  • A woman on her period in high summer who hasn't bathed in a day, will generally smell foul.

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