Is it normal to only wear flip flops all summer long, everywhere?

I'm a guy and I wear flip flops (without socks of course) all summer basically from May to early November and go barefoot around the house and at friends houses, when I visit them. I am 60 and have been wearing flip flops for over 20 years. I just find socks way too restrictive to wear. Is that normal?

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  • It's great to take comfort in what works best for you, and there is no wrong way when it comes to fashion. I am glad that you have been able to find a style that works for your lifestyle and allows you the freedom of movement. I hope you continue to enjoy wearing flip flops!

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  • Nah. I see guys like that and to me they look like lazy slugs who won’t even take the the time to dress properly. It’s all about image.

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  • Same. Even my house shoes are technically flip flops. Sanuks are my favorite brand shoes.

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  • Sure? You can wear whatever you want. I assume you live somewhere it's relatively warm in that time frame. It wouldn't be normal to wear them in 3 feet of snow

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