Is it normal to only like weird people

I have found that I am only attracted to broken awkwward men.
It's so cute how awkward and clueless they usually are, not to mention they aren't exactly intimidating. If anything they find me intimidating since I make sure to stay a mysterious person who doesnt tell people much about me. They're just adorable which makes them so hot and whenever I pay them attention they always get so surprised I would do that and it makes me feel really good. They also understand the struggles of life so I can just be myself and not pretend that life is amazing. I really like pale, skinny guys who look like they don't sleep and has a cute awkward shy smile when you talk to them.
It's not a mother instinct thing as I have no desire to fix anyone, it's boring. They're just so cute <3

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  • I was into goofy nerd boys back when I chased college boys at the local college. Some of the skinny ones have big dicks too.

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  • I like men like that too. But only if they are responsible for themselves and taking steps towards their own recovery - otherwise the relationship might drain me dry. I'm trying to take myself in hand right now and I couldn't play caretaker for a man as well. I could only accompany him on his journey. That's all I'd want him to do for me, too.

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  • I like girls like that also. Makes me want to rough them up in bed.

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  • Same

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  • I've always liked that too kinda. But then again I'm as fucking weird as they come. So like = like

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  • Havent met enough awkward men. My form of awkwardness gets pretty psycho at times. But innocently accidently psycho.

    That being said I've found an equally awkward partner that balances out our weirdness.

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  • Yeah, I don't like perfect men because it makes me feel extra insecure with my own flaws

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