Is it normal to only fart in your sleep?

I've been told by my boyfriend numerous times that I fart in my sleep. I never have to fart while I'm awake though.

I will add that I understand it's a part of life and normal so I'm not just being a girly girl and saying I never fart.

I don't ever feel like I have to so it's not like I hold it during the day or something. I just literally never have to unless I'm sleeping. Anyone else?

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  • Mwahahahahahaha! Everyone farts! You cannot pretend that you do not fart.

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    • I definitely do in my sleep from the sounds of it!

      I really don't though during the day, but I certainly burp.

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      • I love burping and farting! I’ve been known to fart indiscriminately in Walmart, it’s especially good after eating a large chicken & avocado Cesar salad. I figure if people can dress the way they do, and look the way they do when they go to Walmart then I can do a little crop dusting.

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  • if you eat starch you fart

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