Is it normal to not pay attention at school

I'm only talking about elementary school, in my country there is 6 years of elementary school. and I barely learned anything there, in middle school I was the dumbass who didn't even know about basic operations in math.(went through bullying, but it drove me to learn).

Although I somewhat fixed this at high school(I got good grades and paid attention in class) I always felt that my foundation of knowledge is fragile (mainly talking about math but other subjects can be included).

Every time the words 'This is elementary school stuff you should know this'. that's the PROBLEM, I never knew that!. I just found out about that now.

is this normal?, I don't feel like studying elementary school books.

I'm already accepted in university so I don't think I'm lacking too much basic knowledge.

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  • I have a hard time paying attention now.

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  • Nothing wrong with reading and self educating.

    Just because you think you know enough, doesn’t mean you do. That may actually be a strong indication in and of itself actually so...oh never’re totally smart enough.

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  • You can't do anything about how you dealt with primary school as a kid. There's no point in feeling regret about that, or being annoyed at how you apparently didn't have any teachers who were capable of inspiring you to learn, and seemingly just wanted to push you (and probably many other kids) through the years.

    If you're aware of holes in your knowledge and you know these could cause problems at college, then the sensible thing to do would be to spend some time working on solving that issue. If studying elementary school level books would be a huge blow to your ego, go look for some online resources. Khan Academy might be a good place to start if math is a particular problem area.

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