Is it normal to not like the new website

I don't like this new layout for this website. I've noticed that none of my post have got comments on them and my past post would get at least 10.and I'm not posting stupid shit, it's really serious.

More post than usually are getting ignored now because of the new layout. Or any other opinions on why we have so many post with out comments?

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  • I honestly don't give a shit about the format/layout I just want a damn decent userbase again like what the fuck happened.

    Agree with you totally, serious questions are completely ignored, not even voted on anymore, fuck I don't even know if anyone sees them, only dumb troll questions and the same old boring sex shit gets thru.

    It seems like there's only about 4-5 questions asked daily last I checked, and it takes several hours or even days before anyone cares to comment.

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    • Yeah they layout isn't the most important problem, I thought it might be the cause of the change in posts.

      Yeah all our good users are leaving and people who ask decent questions.
      Not trying to sound ageist but I noticed that there are more younger people on here, like people in their teens. Maybe that's the cause in the shift of questions.

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  • What I want to know is where the hell are these 12-16 year olds with the terrible advice/posts coming from? Also why the profile pic feature, a feature that's basic on every site is one that might be an IIN Gold feature.

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  • It's his way of getting rid of the last of the good people he didn't care to have on here.

    Because trolls totally will buy gold...seeing as he claims the site makes him no money, only costs him.

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  • It's full of bugs too, especially on mobile.

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    • Yeah needs more testing. It's not good to release things with out thorough testing, or it just seems like a flop to the users.

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  • I personally don't care for the new layout at all, and I would LOVE it if Udi went back to or or at least reinstated some of the old features. There's something about the new layout that makes me feel somewhat disconnected from the posts as they get older.

    However, despite the fact that I don't care for the new layout I do appreciate that Udi has started displaying a kind of public service announcement with crisis and suicide prevention hot lines whenever an OP makes mention of suicide. I also respect and understand that it's Udi's prerogative to do what he wants with this site as he's the owner after all.

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