Is it normal to not know how to act around children?

I often find myself extremely uncomfortable around young kids because I don't know how to act around them. I can't talk to them easily, I don't know how to solve their problems. Sometimes they creep me out.

I've noticed the same problem with child-minded people(or whatever the correct term is.) Basically if you have a disorder that sets your mind back in age, or you are just generally immature, it get the same uncomfortable feeling.

I don't dislike kids or adults like this, I just don't know how to respond.

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  • Note to self: don’t offer op camp counselor job.

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  • It’s natural, would be unnatural if you were over interested in kids other than your own.

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  • For me it's only awkward when other adults are around because they will judge you for not knowing. but at the same time I have no idea how to discipline kids because i honestly do not give a sh1t what they do (as long as they arent dying) and find it hilarious. I just wait around for someone in the position to yell at them to restore the peace.

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  • Normal! I hate it when some strange kid tugs on my pants n asked me "where is my mum". Or like when ya behind someone like in a line at stupid market and they have a baby "awwwwe how cute" no shut up. anyway the baby looking back at me I looking at it, it starts laughing "what, what ya looking at baby, yall wanna start something, you aint know me little drooling retard"... Happy thoughts, calm, happy thoughts.

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  • Unless they're twins, and speak in unison you shouldn't worry lol.

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  • While I may have a few interests that my family calls "immature" and most of the movies I go to see in the theater are animated films targeted towards younger audiences, I am very uncomfortable around little kids as well. It's why, unlike my brother, I never helped my cousin with her twins.

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