Is it normal to not give a politician a chance?

We had got a new governor in 2018 here in TN named Bill Lee. He is a conservative which I usually like, but I couldn't stand the guy from his commercials. He would put on this cheesy ass act about "Im such a christian, businessman, saved a baby from a pack of wolves, Id sure appreciate your vote *goofy wink*". I did not vote for him because he seemed soooo fake.

But now that hes been governor hes actually been doing some good things. He made TN a 2nd ammendment sanctuary (the state doesnt enforce ANY federal gun laws even with automatic weapons) and he did a few other good things. I usually tell people "dont vote based on the drama but vote on the policies." And idk how I fell into that same way of thinking. I failed to realize that even if he was an autistic quadriplegic amputee with polio in an ironlung machine it wouldnt make a difference. Its all about the policies.

Do you think its just human nature to almost vote against someone based on their personality, even if they have the exact same policies you want?

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  • thats the problem with the conservative ideology

    they promise fiscal & personal responsibility and freedom from excessive regulation but next thing you know youre neck deep in jesus freaks and corporate greed

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    • You get corporate greed with democrats too. Just because Democrats tax the corporations more doesnt mean that money gets redirected to us the middle class. Either way you get screwed.

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