Is it normal to not feel drunk after drinking alcohol?

Whenever I go to the pub and have some alcohol I noticed that I don't feel different maybe it's the way I take in alcohol.

I don't feel drunk which means I'm fine and I could keep on drinking ( well I don't plan on drinking more than I should anyways. )

Anyways I would like to know if it is normal?

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  • Well it depends how much alcohol you drink… Some people don’t really feel one or two drinks, but if you’ve had seven drinks in an hour and don’t feel anything yeah that’s not normal lol

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  • Maybe you don't drink very much then.
    For me it varies how I react but usually I feel drunk pretty quickly because I don't drink that often so not much is needed for me to feel it. Also depends on the percentage of the alcohol you drink and your size. For example a small skinny person may need less alcohol to feel drunk.

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  • theres an italian joint i useda go to but recently got done in by the china plague

    my usual was two or three dirty vodka martinis and a couplea red wines with dinner (their meatballs were amazin) and one more martini for dessert

    id be buzzed after that but not hammered

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  • Sometimes I think drinking is kinda overrated.

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