Is it normal to not feel any deceased relatives present around you, ever?

It seems like a lot of people have the experience of having the feeling that a deceased relative has been around, or watched over them, or talked to them in a dream or sent them a sign or...something. I never felt that way.

Is that normal?

What is your experience?

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  • I dream about my grandma often. My mom, sister, aunt and myself sang amazing grace as she was dying. And a few weeks after the song started playing on the radio as I drove past the cemetery.

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  • I like to think that my deceased ancestors are watching over me.

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    • Have you ever sensed when a relative has died or actually had an experience that made you think they were communicating with you somehow?

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  • Relatives?


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    • So you have had such experiences with non-relatives then? I'd still be interested in hearing about that, I guess!

      I had a dream where Jackie Kennedy tucked me into bed and it was super ultra mega realistic but I have no idea what to make of that, especially since none of my own relatives had ever appeared like that!

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      • Well I don’t believe in ghosts so I’d say no.

        The only thing similar to one was a time I went to sleep in the afternoon. I was listening to typo negative and drifted off. There’s this random guy standing there, looked about forty odd. But unlike most people in dreams that are not clearly detailed he looked like a very real person I had never seen before. I can hear the song playing and this conversation occurs...

        Him- “I used to love this song”

        Me- “oh really?”

        Him- “but it’s time to wake up now”

        Then I jolt awake and the exact part of the song was playing on the hifi.

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