Is it normal to not care that much about animal slaughter

I don’t care what people eat. Cat, dog, pig, cow, chicken, duck, etc. As long as they don’t torture the thing to death I’m fine with it.

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  • I remember back when I had pet chickens. I'd still go to the store and buy chicken to eat. My thinking was "they're not MY chickens, so I don't care."

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  • I don't care... When the deer is being chased by the lion does it turn around and say "dear sir, pretty please my good man could you make it not hurt".

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  • No animals should EVER be slaughtered without being stunned first so they feel no suffering and pain. Lambs shouldn't ever be slaughtered, period!! Especially after watching a video once of a group of lambs being slaughtered WITHOUT being stunned and actually seeing them suffer, it made me very sick after seeing that. The people who were doing that I have such an intense hatred towards it ain't funny.

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    And then there’s this. I find this hilarious on all fronts.

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