Is it normal to not care about animals as much as most people

I personally see animals as tools. As much as I would hate to see someone destroy thier own tools I hate to see someone mistreat thier own pets. I hate seeing people bleed thier heart out when animals die if they were in a tangle with people. I'm more of a humanist, humans are top of the heirarchy and hold more value than animals.

I dislike if slaughter houses kill the animal without stunning it first, but that's just it, I dislike it. In South Korea they kill dogs for consumption. No problems from me. If they want to skin the animal alive for a better tasting meat I question the methods and effects there, I cant taste the difference. Yes I've eaten dog, also cats, some Guinea pigs as well. Pigs shown to be more intelligent yet we kill them on Mass so I dislike that argument.

If you are a cat or dog serial killer I dislike them because that's just the apitiser until human killing.

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  • The only people who are more important to me than my cat are probably my parents. I don't think a random person should be more important to me than my own cat. I prefer my cat, over most people, and I don't think that is wrong, or odd. My sister is the same way about her dog.

    You're free to believe whatever you want, but so is everyone else.

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    • So if you had to choose between acing your cat and a human you didn’t know who would you choose?

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      • I dunno what acing means, but my cat comes before everyone except for my parents. There's no way I would choose a random person over my cat, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. My cat is like my child!

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