Is it normal to not believe in god?

I live in a religious country. One day, I started hating catholic priests but I'm confused because I don't know which religion I belong to. I sort of worship nature like trees but don't want to be a wiccan. Am I an atheist? Can you recommend a religion pls.

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  • Why do you need to believe in the existence of a sky-fairy or belong to a religion? Is it a legal requirement in your country?

    It's easiest to sign up to a particular club that has a definite set of rules and simple explanations for why the world is as it is. That makes life very simple, and so that's what most people are content with.

    It's also possible to establish some basic principles which you believe you should live by and some fundamental truths about the world and live according to those.

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  • Why do you NEED to have a religion?

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  • You don't need religion to make you happy. If you want to feel like part of something bigger then why don't you volunteer at a charity? It's certainly much better use of anyone's time than praying in a church every week.

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  • its apparent that many hunams reject a creator and hate that that does not exist . making them quite insane . It become really hard to tell if they were insane before or after the rejection. i on the other hand love life and everything in it that is good. so even if i am wrong i am sane and happy.

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  • Maybe you're sort of just a natural witch?

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