Is it normal to not balance work and relationships

I have autism and I dont think I can balance work and human relationships. I work 5 hours right now but really its 6 due to the bus travels. I am exhausted after and on the weekend I need to be alone and recover. I have been involved with someone since the summer that im not in love with but attempting to fall in love with due to said person being a good fit for me. This person is also autistic but doesnt have a real job - freelance from his apartment - so he doesnt get it. He has it very comfortable and doesnt do much or aspire to do more. Imagine working from home never going to a job and gaining experience and challenging yourself... ew. But its good for him thats his goal I guess. Very simple goal.
I have been sick with a cold which is his fault. I never get colds but now I have so it can only be his fault. I cant see myself putting time aside for him later. I dont want to get sick again and I want to focus all my energy on working.
A job gives me purpose, status as well as my own income.
I loved my ex but I grew sick of him once I found an internship while with him. Everyday after my internship I felt forced to see him when I wanted to go home and nap. It made me lose my feelings for him.
If I could find a partner at work that would be ideal for me. We could just spend time together at work and maybe a little on the weekend. My current job only has straight women though. I dont know how I can ever have both those things. Maybe if I had a partner who lived extremely close to me in proximity. The person I have been going out with lately lives 2 bus rides away from me and in the opposite direction of where I take the bus to work... Thats too much hassle and money spent on buses in my opinion. Its very exhausting. Taking the bus gives me sensory overload.

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