Is it normal to no longer find youtubers i grew up with entertaining anymore?

This may sound weird but when growing up for example I used to watch a lot of PIMPNITE ( who is this YouTuber who does Pokémon themed teams ), as I grew older I started to see that I no longer find them entertaining anymore, certainly not entertaining for me anymore but rather being entertaining for someone else.

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  • They never were, it’s you that’s the problem.

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  • Interests grow and change from time to time normal

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  • Edbassmaster and HumorBagel I still find hilarious

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  • Same. I still like them a lot because they seem like cool, genuine people the ones I watched but it's just not my thing anymore. I can watch them sometimes but lets players which I used to watch a lot can get kinda repetitive. I think most people grow out of watching youtubers though I have friends who still watch them a lot but they play video games themselves more than I do so it may be more natural then to be a bigger part of that community and watch other gamers.

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  • Totally normal. A lot of the content creators basically have a "shtick" which they tend to stick to in most or all of their videos and this gets old after a while, so it's pretty normal that you'd get bored / tired of seeing the same stuff over and over again.

    In my experience the channels that I still find entertaining are those that are made by groups of people, since it doesn't rely on just 1 person trying to act a certain way, but just the way the group interacts with each other. Sooner or later you might notice common things or traits of everybody, but it's less likely (in my case) to get bored of it, since every video tends to be still semi "fresh" due to the different interactions between the guys making it.. rather than 1 person "sticking to a script"

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