Is it normal to never recieve dick picks online

Guys call me attractive and such yet they never send me dickpics. I do not want these but I hear women say all the time they cant use any dating app without a flood of dickpics in the inbox. Is this true ? It makes me wonder, why dont guys harass me with dickpics? It seem so common since all other women say guys send them dickpics constantly all the time. Not even any guy I dated has sent me this thank god. What does this mean ? I only remember 1 dickpic when I was underage. A guy I was texting with made a game and he said if I get the answer wrong he will send me a dickpic. I thought he was joking but he did. I did not speak to him again after that...

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  • maybe you're attractive but you don't necessarily make others insta horny? or you're just really lucky and never got bots in your dms lol

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