Is it normal to love lana del rey aesthetic

my life is way less exciting than her songs' universes but i love the glamour, the bad boy/bad girl romances, the sadgirl aesthetic

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  • Her “version” of Summertime is repulsive.

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  • I love her and her music.
    However some of it really shouldn't be romanticized. She's had struggles in her life, drug addiction etc, that she sings about because it's her experience and artists tend to write about experience. She's also struggled with depression and obviously dating the wrong guys in the past. It's normal to relate to these things but you should also understand that it's nothing to want which you naturally do if you have experience with these things.

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  • Noooo She’s garbage

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  • Her music clams me it's so smoothing .
    My favorite is " Summer wine "

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  • She’s the best

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    'city of long beach implores 400 foot woman to not wreck up urban areas'

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