Is it normal to love blood

Is it normal that I love blood. I like how it looks, I like the smell, the taste. I used to cut and I was fascinated by the contrast of the blood against my skin. It was comforting to look at as it dripped down. I did promise to stop and I did, but I have a growing urge to start again and I think I will give in avantualy. I know I shouldnt since it's dangerous and i've had times when I have cut too deep and tought I would die (which lead to me calling my friend in panic and to that promise to stop) but I dont think I can resist that desire much longer.

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  • I love the look and taste the iron on my tongue idk if it's because I have low iron but if my iron gets any lower I'd be a vampire sucking others blood I love biting and the thought of blood and biting till I see blood is beautiful call me crazy but blood is beautiful I'm just like you funny u remind me of myself

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  • Don't cut yourself for blood.
    There are donors who know how to do it safely.
    Are you in the vamp community?

    Either way, I don't recommend consuming blood. You could contract a std.

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  • Try watching YouTube videos on blood instead of cutting. I like playing with my blood if I accidentally cut myself. I just figure well it's here why not make the most of it. A lot of fun writing death in blood.

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  • It’s not normal. Stop doing this okay?

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