Is it normal to listen to graveyard sounds?

People may think I am very weird for this but I love listening to graveyard sounds they're like music to my ears, the wind blowing, the rain pouring and thunder striking. It's very peaceful and harmonious including the owl sounds, most of the times I think of horror/gothic imagery when listening to them.

Though most of my friends, not that it bothers me much but they think I am really creepy for doing this.

Am I normal?

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  • Cemeteries tend to be peaceful places, so why not?

    But telling everyone you know how you like this could come across as edgy-teen, and that's always sad and juvenile.

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    • I don't tell everyone usually it's just my own opinion though not everyone would likely agree with me doing this. In some ways yes I agree they can be peaceful places, however I am not edgy as people might perceive me as. Though I am aware people could potentially see me as this sad and juvenile person ( which both of those I will never be ).

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  • They’re peaceful and pleasant places, preferably not raining though.

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  • It’s normal, I like listening to stuff like this to relax lol:

    It’s partly the nostalgia factor, but I also just like creepy vibes for some reason 🤷‍♀️

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  • I mean I listen to tornado sounds to relax so yeah it's not weird to me

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