Is it normal to like missing out on things?

Basically, the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out). I actually enjoy missing out and skipping gatherings because I am quiet socially awkward and get anxiety. I don't have problems in daily life like going to the store or interacting with a cashier.. It's just situations when I feel forced to socialize.

It's also partly because I don't feel the need to socialize. I get no joy out of socializing even with people I know and like. I'd rather spend my time alone when possible.

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  • I’ve heard this described as JOMO before, joy of missing out on boring, awkward, expensive or inconvenient social events.

    Make sure you do spend some time with the people you like though even if it’s through calls or playing games together, loneliness will start to take its toll.

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  • I have a history of showing up late, and sometimes even missing holiday gatherings with extended family.

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  • With regular people, no. I love getting together. With my family, I avoid at all costs.

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