Is it normal to like less attractive men

I have had great chemistry with and felt emotions for men who werent much attractive. I feel very ashamed each time because I should date someone handsome it looks better. I act shallow when it comes to men but really im not, I go on chemistry.
I get hit on by attractive guys but usually seeing attractive guys dont work for long. They are often bad at communicating and quite boring and I guess its because they never had to be interesting. They are shallow as well and not very patient or understanding as they want things to be as easy as getting attention for their looks is. Ive met some really cool, polite and fun guys who werent attractive to the regular eye though to me they became attractive because of whom they were. I am very weak for guys who makes me laugh, or even better the ones who are unintentionally funny, and who also are very supportive and encouraging and the type you can always count on. So if I find such a man and hes not all that good looking I can live with. I dont really think attraction comes from physical appearance anyway... It comes from other things which cant be seen. Does this mean I am ugly? Or insane? I see often women online making fun of beautiful women with nerdy or average looking boyfriends/husbands in like a way they feel sorry for her she has no self esteem etc... But I think like this, what about all the women chasing after model looking men who are self absorbed jerks or date hot fuckboys who cheat all the time ? I bet that is partly all about needing to show off a handsome or cool partner, like in some ways your partners looks tell other people about you. Like they are an accessory I guess. Well obviously not all hot people are self absorbed but, and maybe this is just me but I dont experience chemistry and attraction based on someones looks?
I experience it based on a bunch of details everything from their scent to their voice and how heard and safe they make me feel. But theres still a social pressure. That I feel I should be ashamed if I like a certain guy.

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