Is it normal to know you’re going to kick irl in a dream?

Sometimes I kick in my sleep like really hard. I’m not talking about kicking your partner or kicking your blankets off. I kick half way up my wall and it makes a sound so loud it wakes me up. Usually this is accompanied by a dream where I have to get away from something or protect someone. Makes sense but my question is “Is it normal to know that you’re about to kick irl in the dream?”

What brought this up was in my dream I was about to kick a gun out of this guys hand but I specifically remember thinking that something bad is going to happen if I do this. And then I did it anyway and woke myself up from the thud.

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  • Sounds like you could benefit from a sleep study. Perhaps you have a sleep disorder?

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    • That would be really interesting but I don’t think I have a reason to worry about it yet. It’s pretty infrequent and it might stem from the intense dreams I get as a side effect from one of my medications.

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  • Yes, that is normal.

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