Is it normal to kiss your supervisor on the lips

One of my supervisor sometimes kisses me on the lips at work. He also walks into me when I bend over. Maybe I should start job hunting?

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  • Repeat after me:
    Please don't do that again, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

    Its that simple

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  • You have been assaulted. Get away from that place asap

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  • My answers are based on the assumption that you live in a western country (USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, etc).

    If you have a HR department... head their pronto and tell them. They will almost certainly take care of it pronto.

    IF its a small company go to the top person in the company and explain what is going on. Tell him to take care of it or be ready to lose in court (and I assure you the company will lose in court if they don't act on it in almost all western countries).

    That's very clear sexual harassment and prosecutable in many countries.

    Keep notes on who you talk with and the date and time. Those notes will likely be worth their weight in antimatter (the most expensive material in the universe) if you have to go the legal route.

    This kind of conduct should have ended anywhere from 1-3 decades ago in the western countries. Tons of legal history on this - and the companies lost big time.

    If you are in a country where sexual harassment laws do not yet exist. You can talk to the highest manager or owner of the company; but also be prepared to find a new job immediately.

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  • Lucky. Theres one supervisor I got that I would love to lock lips with. However if your not consenting to his qttebtions you need to contact hr immediately and a lawyer cause if hr does nothing you jabe a wonderful juicey money flooded steak sitting in front of you.

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  • have you told him to stop

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  • Umm what? Thats super wrong, he shouldn't put his germ covered lips anywhere near you. I would tell him to stop and if he continues you will report him for sexual harassment. Also shouldn't you guys be wearing mask at work? XD

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    • He mostly kissed me with or without a mask. He will just kiss me even if I don't take the mask off

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  • He could get fired for that.

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  • Sounds like you all ready have a new job, it's called playtoy!

    Depends on how much you like the job and or the supervisor.

    Me personally, I would say something when witnesses were around especially a manager.

    I'd say something to the effect that I thought I was hired to do (whatever), but if you want to keep me on the payroll as your playtoy, so you can kiss me and rub your dick on me, then you might want to clear that with payroll and hr. They're not paying me for both jobs.

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  • Not normal

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  • If you dont like it tell him to stop. He may not be trying to be all rapey guys are often bad at reading social cues when it comes to girls.

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