Is it normal to keep a jar of my deceased dog's nail clippings?

She died a few years ago, but I still have the jar of her clippings. Back when she was alive, I would clip her nails and eventually I just stored them into an empty Gerber jar. I haven't tossed it because I kind of feel like it's a part of her I have left. IIN?

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  • I'd bury myself with my pet's remains.

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  • When my dog died of old age in 2005 I cut off a tuft of her fur as a keepsake before we buried her and I keep a ribbon around it and store it in a safe place. She was a great dog and friend.

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  • I think that's mostly normal, sentimental value and that. Just out of curiosity why did you keep them in a jar? You could scatter them on your dog's favourite field or something :)

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    • Thanks for the reply and good suggestion, but I like my jar of nails. She liked the Petland store near my home, but that's long gone and replaced with a GameStop.

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