Is it normal to just want to dissapear?

People are complicated, feelings are complicated, this society is complicated, getting a job is hard, becoming successful is hard, pleasing your parents is hard, pleasing others is hard, finding meaning is hard, dealing with your own feelings is hard, the thought that my future is bleak hurts, I'm gonna die without anybody even noticing, nobody at the funeral, there wouldn't even be a funeral since nobody would be there, I'm gonna die lonely, frankly nobody cares and that's understandable. I just want to disappear and not deal with this shit.

Is It Normal?
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  • We live in a society where if you don't work hard you will die. there's always this rush to do something. I want to go back to the caveman age where all we need to worry about is food and predators, sometimes other humans. now to survive and get food we need to study hard subjects, be mindful of others, strive to have that fake enthusiasm to get that job. The only thing stopping me from suicide is just my parents, I wanna at least give my parents the illusion that their son is alright and will live on for years to came have children and grand children when they die. I don't expect an answer I'm just ranting, i at least want one person to know these thoughts of mine.

    I wish you all good luck on your lives.

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    • Tbf, do you know how hard it is to hunt with just a spear and a bow. As a guy who practices archery I can say that it is realy fricking hard(and I dont even shoot moving targets). And honestly, if I had to choose between just going to school and getting meals regularly at least 3 times a day and having to stalk animals for hours to not even have guaranteed one meal per day then I would definetly choose school 10/10.

      What I am trying to say is that humans had it hard no matter what age we were in. But even considering that, there are always some bright sides of life that you can look at, maybe you dont see them yet, maybe you even need a therapist so that they can help you see them, but they are there, and you shouldnt just give up on life when you cant see them.

      Try stuff out, new hobbies, new friends, maybe even therapy, but dont give up unless you can absolutely confrim that there realy are no bright sides to your life(and even then you shouldnt give up and make some bright sides to your life by yourself but that is a whole another talk)

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  • Me too

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  • Sometimes I wish I could burrow deep into the earth like a naked mole rat.

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  • *hands them a bottle of whiskey*

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  • Become a hermit

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