Is it normal to intentionally scare a shy person if they're a jerk?

I was at work and was helping a lady look up an item on the kiosk. She seemed pretty shy and scared so I was making the effort to quietly scroll on the kiosk list for the item. We were both kind of whispering.

Near us was two Spanish employees. One was Autistic and would stim sometimes. The other worker was showing him something on the handheld scammer device. They were talking in Spanish.

She stares at them completely focused on them and says to me "ugh they really shouldn't let retarded people be here. Why can't they speak English?"

I found the item she requested and I loudly said with a really exaggerated smile on my face "I found it! It's in {insert aisle number here}!

She ducked when I did that. She thanked me and she walked away pretty quickly.

Is it normal to intentionally scare her? I'm a minority myself.

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  • All rude people should be publicly shamed.

    I would’ve immediately claimed that I was intellectually disabled and then told her I forgot English.

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  • Shy people don’t say potentially confrontational things like that to virtual strangers.

    But…ok…um..good for you for smiling big or something.

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  • Yes, it's normal. I agree with you that she was in the wrong and she deserves to be made fun of.

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  • No don't sink to her level

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