Is it normal to idolise my brother over all else?

I idolise him. I want his memory, his intelligence, his work ethic, and everything. I have other idols but if I could be anyone I'd choose to be him.

TBH, I barely know him though. We don't talk much. So: Is it normal to idolise my brother over anyone else? Including over my parents, who are both lovely people.

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  • It's dangerous. Oscar Wilde said "Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

    You might be knocking yourself out trying to force yourself into a mold to be something or someone that doesn't fit you. Figure out what YOU are all about, identify your natural talents, and put your energy there. It's cool that you think he is awesome but don't try to become him. Become you.

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  • it's cool to have people to look up to! Just remember that you are cool too, and are different but that's ok

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  • As long as you see him as a good example of the person you'd like to become in the future it is pefectly fine I think. Though if you wanna become HIM i guess that's a little bit messed up, idolizing people is never good. Focus on yourself, the body and mind YOU have control over, and don't wish to be another human being other than you. Good luck! :)

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    • I don't wish to be him, but I would really like to have his memory, intelligence, confidence and work ethic. I'm trying to focus on creating these traits in myself but it's difficult.

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  • I'm not a big fan of idolizing people, but if he's a good guy then I guess things could be worse.

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